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Acupuncture can help treat a variety of musculoskeletal and internal medical problems. For pets that don't like needles we can use a laser to stimulate the acupuncture point. Acupuncture is usually combined with biomechanical treatment, massage, stretches, fascial work and lifestyle advice. 

Acupuncture can assist your pet to return to normal function faster, reduce pain, reduce reliance of medication, and improve general wellbeing. For sporting and performance dogs (or even if your dog just loves their walks) it may improve their performance just like any good athlete has a physical therapist.  

animal acupuncture

Canine Acupuncture - commonly treated conditions

Acupuncture can be beneficial for dogs with a variety of conditions: 

  • arthritis

  • hip and elbow dysplasia

  • spinal problems

  • recovery from injury or surgery

  • cruciate rehabilitation

  • luxating patellas

  • hind limb weakness

  • paralysis

  • general mobility concerns

  • chronic gastrointestinal problems

  • constipation

  • urinary and faecal incontinence

  • support kidney disease

  • support stress and anxiety

Dog Acupuncture

Feline Acupuncture - common conditions

Acupuncture isn't just for dogs, cats are little zen masters and can respond really well even with selecting just a few acupuncture points for treatment.

Cats are often seen for

  • arthritis including hip, elbow and spinal arthritis

  • neck and back pain

  • muscle knots and stiffness

  • constipation

  • support chronic digestive issues

  • support kidney disease

  • paralysis from tail pull injuries and other trauma

Vets at Home Services Areas

Many older cats will concurrently have 
muscloskeletal problems and kidney problems or digestive complaints including constipation. We can use acupuncture to concurrently assist mobility, internal medical problems and general wellbeing.  

We know every cat is an individual and will combine acupuncture with massage, herbs, food therapy, supplements and medications as an individual prescription to suit your cat and their lifestyle. 

Animal Biomechanical Medicine

Dr Aish has a graduate diploma in animal biomechanical medicine. This aims to restore health through mobility. Optimising blood flow, neurological input and lymphatic drainage to tissues and organs will also create the ideal environment not only for comfortable joints and muscles but will also allow healthy internal organ function. Techniques are derived from osteopathy and chiropractic but encompass many modalities such as massage, rehabilitation techniques, stretches, exercise plans, dietary supplements and lifestyle advise.

Techniques are chosen to suit the patient and most of the techniques Dr Aish uses are gentle and enjoyable for the patient.

For more information on Animal Biomechanical Medicine see


What to expect: pet acupuncture & biomechanics session

At your pets first acupuncture consultation we will go through your pets full medical history, review diet, medications, supplements, exercise and lifestyle. For musculoskeletal complaints we will watch your pet walk and do a musculoskeletal and biomechanical examination in addition to a veterinary examination. We will then formulate a treatment plan. 

Treatment includes acupuncture and/or laser acupuncture, osteopathic and/or chiropractic releases, massage, fascial work, stretches, rehabilitation exercises, lifestyle advice and in some cases medication, supplements and dietary advice. Most new patients are seen once a week or fortnight for 3 sessions. For ongoing conditions maintenance sessions may be monthly to three monthly or as required for some patients. 

Owners will usually report their pet slept very deeply following the session (for up to 24 hours after treatment!). For needle phobic pets we can use laser acupuncture instead of needles or use hands-on osteopathic treatments.  

Dr Aish also loves to extend the treatment by teaching owners how to use massage and acupressure techniques specific for their dogs or cats condition for ongoing home care. You may also be given home rehabilitation exercises specific for your pet. Most owners and pets both enjoy their 'homework' sessions. 

Dr Aish can work with your existing veterinarian for management of your pets conditions. We are happy to keep them informed of your pets treatments and will refer you back to them for your medical needs.

Holistic Vet Care Melbourne

Holistic Vet Care

Vets at Home use an integrated approach to Veterinary Care. We use a variety of approaches to care for your pet depending on what will work best for the pet, owner and circumstances.  Dr Aish Ryan has a graduate diploma in animal biomechanical medicine, certified in Veterinary acupuncture and has further training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy (food as medicine) and Massage including Tui Na chinese massage for animals. Dr Aish has also completed courses in the human applied kinesiology technique QRA and is working to adapt this technique for veterinary use. These treatment modalities can also be integrated into a western veterinary medicine treatment plan.

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