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Vets at Home Mobile Vet Melbourne check-up

Mobile Veterinary Equipment


Vets at Home carry mobile equipment to give your pet a thorough examination at home. Our mobile veterinary equipment includes an otoscope to look down your pets ears, indirect lens to see the back of their retina, doppler for blood pressure monitoring, refractometer and dipsticks to perform routine urine tests and scales for accurate weighing of cats and small dogs. Vets at Home can also perform needle biopsy for analysis of lumps, and collect blood samples to be sent for pathology. 

Vets at Home will perform a thorough ‘nose to tail’ examination of your pet. We will look at all obvious problems as well search for not so obvious problems such as dental disease, heart problems and internal lumps.

A 'Nose to Tail' check-up


Pet Acupuncture & Biomechanical Medicine


Acupuncture and biomechanical medicine is now the core service that Vets at Home provide and we will take referrals and work with your regular vet as needed.

Acupuncture can be beneficial for dogs and cats with a variety of conditions. Conditions commonly treated with acupuncture include: arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, neck and spinal problems, recovery from injury or surgery, cruciate problems, luxating patellas, hind limb weakness, paralysis and general mobility concerns.

Internal medical conditions can also be assisted including chronic gastrointestinal problems, diarrhoea, constipation, night restlessness, urinary and faecal incontinence and renal disease.

Dr Aish will incorporate techniques from her diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) which aims to restore health through mobility. ABM treats muscles, ligaments, bones, fascia and skin to all move comfortably and normally. ABM also restores blood flow, normal neurological input and lymphatic drainage to the tissues and internal organs. Techniques include osteopathy, chiropractic, stretches, massage, laser treatment, rehabilitation exercises and myofascial kinetic line release.  

During your pet's consultation we will individually tailor a treatment plan. Treatments are chosen according to your pets temperament, age and condition. Acupuncture and biomechanical treatment is often incorporated with diet and lifestyle therapy, laser treatment, supplements and western medications.

Acupuncture and biomechanics is one of our most requested services. For patients outside of our service area or those that prefer a clinic consultation Dr Aish also sees patients for these treatment modalities from the Eltham Central veterinary hospital. 

Our blog has articles about biomechanical medicine and acupuncture in pets if you would like to learn more.

Pet Acupuncture
Senior Pet & Palliative Care

Senior Pet & Palliative Care

Pet Arthritis and Palliative Care

Senior Care

Elderly pets with arthritis can have difficulty just getting in the car to see the vet, or may just not enjoy the stress of the waiting room. Your senior pet can enjoy personalised service to suit their needs at home. Blood and urine tests, lump checks and doppler blood pressure monitoring is available to manage your senior pets conditions.



Vets at Home will ensure your pet receives the care they deserve to make their retirement a happy and comfortable one. With a holistic approach encompassing supplements, massage, medications, weight and dietary management, and discussion of physical therapy. Many senior pets with arthritis also benefit greatly from acupuncture and osteopathy offered by Vets at Home.

Palliative Care

Your pet may be at the stage where treatment is no longer an option. Vets at Home can keep your pets comfortable and manage their ailments from the comfort of their home.  We also provide guidance and support for owners. Presently we are not providing euthanasia services though we can guide you to some lovely at home vets to help with a home good-bye. 

Holistic Vet Care
Holistic Vet Care Melbourne

Holistic Vet Care

Vets at Home use an integrated approach to veterinary care. We use a variety of approaches depending on what will work best for the pet, owner and circumstances. 

Nutrition and a healthy gastrointestinal biome is often key when it comes to holistic health care and we can guide you on the most suitable approach for your pet. We also work on optimising digestion to ensure your pet is actually absorbing the nutrients.

Herbal medicine, supplements, use of pet friendly essential oils, detoxification and advice on minimising toxins is also part of a healthy lifestyle.

Body work is part of good health - through acupuncture and biomechanical treatments we can optimise blood flow and nerve function to the muscles and internal organs, plus improve removal of waste products with improving lymphatic function.

Holistic Vet Care has been particularly successful with managing many geriatric conditions including arthritis and general mobility problems, kidney failure, urinary and faecal incontinence and night time restlessness.  It is also supportive for long term conditions such as skin problems and chronic digestive complaints.

We also love working with owners of young and healthy pets to set them up on a pathway for vitality for life (and hopefully reduced long term vet bills for owners!)

Nutrition & Food Therapy

Vets at Home will work with you to optimise your pets nutrition. We can help you to find the best diet and supplements to optimise health for your pet whilst accounting for your budget, shop and prep time and your pets preferences and sensitivities. For some owners this will be finding the most appropriate commercial foods and adding some real food supplements. We can also work with owners wanting to prepare their own meals for their pets.

Food therapy is about helping to select the proteins, vegetables and spices for a therapeutic effect. For example ginger and lamb are both energetically very hot and will warm you up after consumption. We may want to feed these to a pet that feels the cold easily. Conversely we may want to avoid them in pets that are sensitive to heat. 

Pet Home Euthanasia
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