Mobile Vet Services

Animal Acupuncture


& Biomechanics

A 'Nose to Tail' check-up

Your Pet’s Records

Vets at Home keeps detailed computerised records of your pets examination which are accessible during your home visit.

Vets at Home will perform a thorough ‘nose to tail’ examination of your pet. We will look at all obvious problems as well search for not so obvious problems such as dental disease, heart problems and internal lumps.

Mobile Veterinary Equipment


Vets at Home carry mobile equipment to give your pet a thorough examination at home. Our mobile veterinary equipment includes an otoscope to look down your pets ears, indirect lens to see the back of their retina, doppler for blood pressure monitoring, refractometer and dipsticks to perform routine urine tests and scales for accurate weighing of cats and small dogs. Vets at Home can also perform needle biopsy for analysis of lumps, and collect blood samples to be sent for pathology. 

Pet Acupuncture & Biomechanical Medicine

Acupuncture can be beneficial for dogs and cats with a variety of conditions. Conditions commonly treated with acupuncture include: arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, spinal problems, recovery from injury or surgery, cruciate problems, luxating patellas, hind limb weakness, paralysis and general mobility concerns.


Internal medical conditions can also be assisted including chronic gastrointestinal problems, diarrhoea, constipation, night restlessness, urinary and faecal incontinence and renal disease.

Dr Aish will usually incorporate techniques from her diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM) which aims to restore health through mobility. 

ABM treats muscles, ligaments, bones, fascia and skin to all move comfortably and normally. ABM also restores blood flow, normal neurological input and lymphatic drainage to the tissues and internal organs. Techniques include osteopathy, chiropractic, stretches, massage, rehabilitation exercises and myofascial kinetic line release.  

During your pet's consultation we will individually tailor a treatment plan. Treatments are chosen according to your pets temperament, age and condition. Acupuncture and biomechanical treatment is often incorporated with diet and lifestyle therapy, laser treatment, supplements and western medications.

Acupuncture and biomechanics is one of our most requested services. For patients outside of our service area or those that prefer a clinic consultation Dr Aish also sees patients for these treatment modalities from the Eltham Central veterinary hospital. 


Please give Vets at Home a call to discuss how an acupuncture and biomechanical consultation may benefit your pet.



Arthritis & Palliative Care

 Senior Care

Elderly pets with arthritis can have difficulty just getting in the car to see the vet, or may just not enjoy the stress of the waiting room. Your senior pet can now have a mobile vet come to them in the comfort of their own home.



Vets at Home will ensure your pet receives the care they deserve to make their retirement a happy and comfortable one. With a holistic approach encompassing supplements, massage, medications, weight and dietary management, and discussion of physical therapy. Many senior pets with arthritis also benefit greatly from acupuncture and osteopathy offered by Vets at Home. 

Palliative Care

Your pet may be at the stage where treatment is sadly no longer an option. Vets at Home can keep your pets comfortable and manage their ailments from the comfort of their home.  We also provide guidance and support for owners.

Blood Tests and Lump Checks

Lump Checks


Vets at Home can take needle aspirate biopsy’s of most skin lumps for testing. These will be examined at the office and results can usually be expected within 24 hours.

Blood Tests


Blood can be collected at home for testing and results are usually available within 24 hours. In some cases, collection of blood samples may not be possible (due to an anxious pet) and we can talk through the options available, including calling in a nurse. 

Urine Tests


Routine urine tests can be performed at home. Vets at Home carry a urine refractometer to measure the concentration of your pets urine, which is an important diagnostic tool that can give information about the internal health of your pet. Vets at Home also carry urine dipsticks that can assess things such as urine glucose, blood and protein.


Ear and Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

There is nothing quite as annoying as a bad itch! Vets at Home can help to relieve your pet of such irritating conditions.


Ear Conditions

Vets at Home carry an otoscope to look down your pets ears and equipment to do further tests if required.



Vets at Home use an integrated approach to veterinary care. We use a variety of approaches depending on what will work best for the pet, owner and circumstances.  Dr Aish Ryan is certified in Veterinary acupuncture, has a diploma in Animal Biomechanics (osteopathic and chiropractic techniques) and has further training in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Food Therapy and Massage. These treatment modalities can also be integrated into a western treatment plan. 


Holistic Vet Care has been particularly successful with managing many geriatric conditions including arthritis and general mobility problems, kidney failure, chronic digestive complaints, toileting problems and night time restlessness.  It is also supportive for skin problems, diabetes and cushings disease. 

Holistic Vet Care


Pet Home Euthanasia

Vets at Home understands that letting your pet go is difficult, and we can help you through this with our compassionate at home service.


On arrival Dr Aish will talk you through the process and ensure that you are comfortable with the euthanasia. You may also need a little more time for everyone to say goodbye or a cup of tea whilst you reflect on your shared journey with your pet. 


Your pet will receive a sedative injection to relax them prior to euthanasia. The sedation will take about 5 - 10 minutes to relax most patients. Dr Aish finds that many owners appreciate this quiet time as their pet gently drifts into a relaxed state. The final injection for euthanasia is given into the vein and is usually very quick and peaceful.

Vets at Home can also assist you with care of your pets body following home euthanasia. We can talk you through the options for home burial or take the body for cremation and have the ashes returned to you.


For information on pet loss and grief see


Vaccinations and Titre Testing

Please note, vaccinations are no longer a core service by Vets at Home but can be available by request for existing clients only.

Tailored Vaccination Schedules

Vets at Home will tailor the vaccination schedule for each pet based on their risks and lifestyle.


Titre Testing

If you prefer not to vaccinate your dog but would like to ensure your dog still has sufficient antibiotics to be protective Vets at Home can do a antibody titre test for core diseases in dogs.