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Aaliyah and her recurrent UTI’s

Aaliyah has had some irritating issues since she was a puppy. She had a number of bouts of urinary tract infections that needed to be treated with antibiotics. She had also had a lot of vaginal discharge. By the time she was 4 years old she had surgery to resect her vulval folds as it was thought that the deep folds she had may have been contributing to her recurrent infections.

Soon after her surgery poor Aaliyah was back having more surgery for a torn cruciate ligament in her knee. With this surgery she had a post operative infection in her knee. To help clear the infection she needed to go onto 3 different antibiotics at the same time.

Aaliyah was slowly recovering from her knee surgery and then she got a vaginal infection. The swab of the of the discharge showed a heavy growth of both streptococcus and e.coli. Both the bacteria also had multiple antibiotic resistance. Aaliyahs owner was worried about putting her back on more antibiotics and creating more resistance and also tummy problems from the antibiotics.

Aaliyahs owner was very dedicated and followed an intensive herbal program to clear the bacteria and we are so happy that the infection has been cleared and she has no current irritations and no antibiotics were used. Aaliyah was given a Chinese medicine diagnosis of ‘damp heat’. Her treatment program was intensive as we wanted to make sure we solved the issue quickly and included:

  • Chinese herbal formula for damp heat

  • Herbs that help to kill the bacteria

  • Herbs that help as a diuretic to flush the bacteria

  • Medicinal mushrooms to support immune function

  • Probiotics to outcompete the pathogenic bacteria

  • A second probiotic to help change her flora

  • Wee training to wee on command and flush the bacteria. Aaliya only likes to do 1 big wee on a walk.

  • Diet review to minimise inflammation and damp heat

  • Essential oils to reduce inflammation

We will continue to work at improving Aaliyahs immune system and native flora to minimise the recurrence of further infections.

6 month update

It has been 6 months since we treated Aaliyas UTI without antibiotics, we progressively weaned out her herbal and other support and she has been without most of it for about 3 months. She continues with a couple of food as medicine additions to her diet plus only one of the probiotics. She hasn't has any recurrences of the UTI and as a bonus the mild foliculitis of her skin she used to get has also disappeared.


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