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Owner selfcare and pet wellbeing

This blog in inspired by a few of my recent clients but I've seen it play out over many years. I'm so thankful everyday for the gorgeous clients I have and how they go to enormous lengths to care for their own pets. Working in the integrative space does tend to attract clients that care for their pets much better than I manage to do with my own! Many of my clients are hyper attentive to the needs of their pets. However, sometimes when there is a difficult problem or diagnosis with their pets they can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under them and their world is crashing. They struggle to cope with their pet being in pain, feeling sick or the possibility of loosing them altogether.

Before we can address the problems our pets have we really also need to be thinking about looking after ourselves. This is akin to putting your oxygen mask on first in a plane before helping others when the cabin pressure drops. You need to take care of you before you can really help your pets. If you are stressed, anxious and scared your pets will definitely be able to feel this coming from you. They themselves often haven't got a clue they have cancer for example and are often blissfully unaware! However our pets, in particular our closely bonded pets, will be able to sense the stress in their owners. An atmosphere of stress is not a healing one - their bodies will be in fight and flight and won't be thinking about repair and regeneration.

At these times my pet prescription often includes a discussion about owner wellbeing in order to help their pets. For me my stress relief is Vedic meditation, gardening, walking in the bush or with my dog. I know others love a catch up with friends, enjoy a good cup of tea, dancing, a massage, or a hit of tennis. What does self care look like for you?


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