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Zara and her one sided itch

I recently saw 4 year old Zara for a general integrative consultation. Zara had been biting at her left flank for about a year. Her owner also wanted to look closely at her diet and supplements to see if there was anything that could help with her skin and a few other recent problems she had developed.

Zara had been chewing her left groin and flank area for the past year. She had not been bothering her right side. Her left groin area was red and skin was starting to become chronically thickened. Her right side was fine. This is unusual for an allergy which mostly presents as a bilateral problem. On biomechanical examination of Zara's spine she had an osteopathic restriction on the left side of her lumbar spine close to where the nerves would be supplying the skin of the left side of her groin. We were able to release the spinal restriction for Zara. We also left Zara's owner with some rehab exercises, diet tweaks and a supplement plan.

Zara's owner reported 2 weeks later that she hasn't chewed the left side of her groin again and also that she had been bounding around with more energy than she had for some time! We are going to monitor the itch and review her spine if the persistent itching returns.

Photo of Zara from 1 year ago when the one sided chewing started. You can see she is sitting unevenly .


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