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Integrative Care of Sid's Mast Cell Tumour

Sid's owner called me a number of months ago. Sid had been diagnosed with a mast cell tumour on his hock that had been removed by a specialist surgeon. The tumour margins unfortunately were not clear. They had been to see on oncologist to discuss chemotherapy following the tumour removal however Sid's owner did not feel chemotherapy was the right path for her and Sid. She wanted to look at an integrative and holistic approach.

When I saw Sid his surgical wound had started to pull apart and not healing well despite his owner keeping him confined and with his head collar on. He was weak, his gums were pale and he was losing blood through gastric ulceration associated with high mast cells. He was also very itchy and had a sensitive stomach.

Sid's owner was dedicated to help Sid so we implemented a plan to manage Sid's tumour as a chronic disease state. We weren't aiming to cure Sid, but to make him comfortable, slow tumour growth, stop internal bleeding, improve his vitality and reduce tumour spread.

Some of the inclusions in Sid's plan were:

Diet - Sids owner is making Sid a homemade low histamine diet. We are also using food therapy (food as medicine) to give him a chinese blood building diet. Sid needs excellent quality nutrition to heal, support his immune system, and get his spark back.

Chinese Herbal forumula - Sids formula inhibits masts cells and also reduces spread to the lungs. We are using the herbs both orally and topically.

Tumeric Paste - Tumeric can block tumour progression and inhibit mast cells.

Vitamin D - to improve immune function. High doses of vitamin D can see tumour regression. (Vitamin D should never be given to dogs without veterinary advice, excessive doses of vitamin D is toxic, side effects including vomiting, slow heart rate, bladder stones and death).

Medicinal mushrooms - these were chosen for anticancer and immune support.

Medicinal cannabinoids - assist with pain, tumour regression and stabilise inflammation.

Sid's wound started to heal soon after starting his new diet. The gastric bleeding and black poops have stopped. Sid is less itchy, has gained weight and his owner says his energy and spirit are strong, and his cheekiness and stubbornness has returned!


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