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Aftercare notes for your pet following biomechanical treatment

This article is intended as a handout to my clients following a biomechanical and acupuncture consultation

I hope your pet enjoyed their treatment today. Here are some tips for caring for your pet following their session.

What to expect

Immediately following a biomechanical session you may notice your pet sleeping very deeply. This is common few hours after treatment but can occur for up to 24 hours post treatment. This is normal, their bodies are doing some deep healing and repair.

If long standing joint, spinal, fascial or muscle restrictions have been addressed your pet may also have some post treatment inflammation for up to 48 hours. They may look more stiff or sore whilst the body adjusts. This usually only lasts 48 hours and they are much happier following that period.

If needed you can use a heat pack over any areas of discomfort (I will usually point out areas where I think this could be needed during your appointment). When using a heat pack with your pet I always advise sitting with your pet and having a hand under the pack so you can tell if it is getting too hot. Wrap the pack with towels as needed.

If your pet has a current prescription for any pain relieving medications or supplements you can use these as prescribed.


Please give your dog a short gentle walk following their treatment. This assists the body to understand its new range of movement and incorporate the changes.

For 48 hours post treatment I recommend gentle walks only for exercise and nothing too long or vigorous.


I recommend a nourishing moist/wet food meal the evening of their treatment. Keeping well hydrated will promote blood flow to tissues and assist lymphatic drainage. Additional liquids such as bone broth will assist hydration and recovery.

Limit jumping / play

Some dogs will feel immediately better and will want to be more active. Their ligaments have been relaxed during treatment and I highly recommend not allowing dogs to jump or play vigorously as they could hurt themselves. Where possible lift in and out of the car and if possible keep off furniture at home. Take care especially with older pets that they don't slip on shiny floors at home. Carpet runners or yoga mats can help with grip around the house.

Rehabilitation exercises and Massage prescriptions

You may have been given some exercises to support your pets recovery, or advised of some massage techniques to assist them. Generally wait 48 hours before starting these. Exercises should be comfortable for your pet and generally enjoyable. If your pet looks to be having any difficulty or dislikes the exercise, either try to make the same exercise easier or stop for the time being and we can review your technique and make adjustments at your next visit.

For massage prescriptions see our massage article.


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