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Macey, Reverse Sneezing and Biomechanical Treatment

Macey has been having issues with reverse sneezing about six times daily for the past 4 years. It happens especially when she is excited to see her owner or when she is picked up. If you don't know what reverse sneezing is its a pretty violent repeated backwards snorting episode. I thought I'd share her treatment so you know what a biomechanics exam can involve, though exam and treatment is tailored to every patient.

On veterinary exam Macey is a healthy middle aged dog (except for some recent nasal congestion).

Specialised biomechanical examination showed Macey had restricted movement in the joints in her upper neck and also in her sacrum. The upper neck and the sacrum have strong anatomical ties so it is not unusual to have restrictions in both areas.

Examining Macey’s myofascial kinetic lines (chains of connected anatomical structures) Macey had reduced function in her lateral lines (that the intercostal respiratory muscles run through) and also her ventral line (that her diaphragm, bronchi and trachea run through).

Macey was treated with chiropractic adjustment of her neck and sacrum. Her myofascial restrictions were treated at their release points. Macey also had laser acupuncture and massage. During this time we discussed Macey's diet and worked out where it could be supplemented for better health.

I checked in with Macey’s owner a week after her treatment and Macey hadn’t had any reverse sneezing! I love my biomechanics consults and the outcomes are so rewarding.


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